blogg2bloggg If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been counting down the days till you get to break out your favorite Fall boots. So when exactly is the right time to start wearing boots again? Well…there is not a set date, but here are a few tips for when the time may be right.

  • The weather is consistently under the 70s

You don’t want to be that person who is wearing boots in 78 degree weather–sweating, walking down the street. Let me say that I was that person while taking these photos for my blog–but hey, it was worth it just to write this post for you guys.

  • The air is brisk

I feel this is a good rule of thumb because when the air is brisk it means the weather is changing and by that I mean boot season!

  • The leaves start to change colors

When the leaves start to change colors, then you start to change your sandals for boots.

  • You don’t second guess whether or not it’s ok to wear them

If you are second guessing whether or not you should wear your boots out of the house, then chances are you shouldn’t wear them.

  • It’s after October 1st

Think of September as your friend group deciding where to eat on a Friday night– indecisive and unpredictable. The weather will be 85 one day and 63 the next. This is why I generally swear by October 1st because the weather usually starts to become more consistent then.

Cardigan: Loft  Tee: Victoria Secret Skirt: Loft Boot Socks: Target (last season) Boots: Von Maur


Until Next Time,

Hannah Shanae



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