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When The Southern Shirt Company released their new fall line of shirts I was in love and wanted to order one right away! I didn’t think it was even possible that they could create even more stylish and comfortable shirts than they already have, but they did it once again.

The papaya embroidered cotton logo tee is an upgrade from your everyday tee. It is a tee, but you can style it to be fashionable while still being comfortable. It is also extremely versatile–it can be worn down with leggings or dressed up with a vest and scarf. It is the perfect mix of style and comfort.

The desert rose cotton club pullover is my favorite SSCO item right now. I love the boyfriend fit of the pullover especially for those days when you are dressing for comfort. It is also perfect for layering, which is something we all do and is much needed during this time of year. SSCO is currently doing a promotion where they are giving away a FREE koozie with a cotton club pullover purchase–so you should order yours right away!

Pretty much if you are looking for a comfortable, stylish, soft broken-in feel of a shirt, (you would have to be crazy not to) then these shirts are definitely for you. I suggest you order these shirts from SSCO ASAP. #endrant

Use the code hannah10 to receive 10% off your Southern Shirt purchase till 12/31!

photos by Laurel Creative Instagram: @lauralcreative

c/0 Shirts: The Southern Shirt Company  Boots: L.L.Bean

Until Next Time,

Hannah Shanae





Southern shirt co has such cute stuff! I love how you styled the outfit!


thank you so much!


Love those colors on you and your styling of these shirts is perfect.



Thank you so much!

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