Iceland Packing Guide

If you’ve been following my travels you know that there is one rule my family has and that is that we can only bring a carry on, checked bags are not allowed! When I found out we were going to Iceland I got nervous because I thought there was no way I’d be able to … Continue Reading

Keep Calm and Carry-On: How To Travel Carry-On Only

I never thought I would be someone who could pack for a vacation using only a carry-on. I used to be a chronic over packer and my brothers would tease me saying I brought my entire room with me. They weren’t wrong. After marrying into my husbands family I found out about a traveling rule … Continue Reading

How To Pack The Perfect Carry-on

  I am not someone who looks forward to long flights. I have never been able to sleep on a plane and can find myself getting bored and fidgety very easily. With that being said I like to be as prepared as I can and make the best of long flights. I’ve been on flights … Continue Reading

Spring Break Packing List!

It is 19 degrees out so I figured what not a better time to write about spring break?! I have been dreaming of the 80-degree weather I will be experiencing in three short weeks!  If you are also going to a warm destination (praise the LORD), then here are a few things you will want to … Continue Reading

Weekend Getaway

  These past two weekends I have been traveling and this bag from Viv&Lou has been the perfect travel companion! It is the perfect size for a weekend getaway hence the bags name, The Weekender. I love the pattern because it is elegant and fun without being over the top and extremely colorful like some … Continue Reading