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Springtime has officially sprung and this girl could not be any more excited! Springtime means no more cold weather, no more snow, no more pale skin, and most importantly no more hot coffee at Starbucks. I love being able to drive with my sun roof open and windows down while blaring Shania Twain or Florence and The Machine (depending on the day) while drinking an iced grande skinny cinnamon dolce latte with soy and no whip.

With every season comes change—change in the weather, change in clothing, and for me, a change in my hair! I was home two weeks ago and had a rather impulsive thought to cut my hair and ended up chopping off 6 inches! I always told myself that I would get my hair cut short after I got married, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so I figured I would just go for it. It was actually one of the best decisions I have made in a while. I am usually so particular and like to think through over think decisions before I act upon them, so it was actually really freeing to make such a last-minute decision to cut my hair.

During the winter months I gravitate towards neutral and dark colors. Now that it is springtime and the weather is warmer all I want to wear are colorful clothes with fun patterns. I picked up this J.Crew top last summer and it has quickly become one of my favorite blouses and is the perfect top for spring. The pattern is fun, but not overbearing and I love how it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Sadly, J.Crew is no longer selling my top, but no worries because I found a lot of A-DORABLE tops that you can purchase for spring shown below!


Until Next Time,

Hannah Shanae




Love that top, and your hair looks fab!
This Side of Paradise


I am ion love with your hair! It looks SO good short! That top is super cute, as well!
xo ClassToCloset


Love this look! And your hair looks amazing! I chopped off 13 inches over 3 months ago, and it is awesome to have short hair. There are times when I miss my long hair (mostly when I try to put it up in a ponytail) but my short hair is so much fun to have. And it’s a lot less of a hassle to do my hair now!

Running Alyssa

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