Most girls plan their dream wedding from birth and already have wedding inspiration and details figured out years before their dream man gets down on one knee. I was not that girl. I was always eager to see who the Lord had in store for me to marry, but never focused on the details of what our wedding would be like.

The first couple weeks of my engagement, I spent so much time deleting and recreating my wedding Pinterest board, scouring wedding magazines for the latest wedding trends and stalking wedding Instagram pages to find fun and unique wedding ideas. I was constantly searching for ideas and didn’t always know where to look. I wish someone would’ve sent me a list of all the best places to find wedding inspiration, so that’s exactly what I did for you! 

My 5 Favorite Places To Look For Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Photographer Websites

Wedding photographers have the best wedding inspo IMO. While searching Pinterest you’ll get one or two ideas from a wedding, but on a photographers site, you’re able to see those one or two ideas along with the whole photographed wedding.

Here are a few of my favorite photographer sites!

Ana Rosario

Charissa Photo

Emily Magers

Summer Leigha Photo

Tali Photography

Mallory Wimm


80% of my wedding inspiration came from Pinterest. I love how you’re able to save all your ideas onto a single board directly from Pinterest and from other sites. There are so many unique and amazing wedding ideas on Pinterest and it was my favorite place to look for wedding ideas. 

About a year in to dating Cameron is when I started waaaay to excessively planning my (our) wedding on Pinterest. I thought I knew exactly what dress I would wear, ring I wished he would pick out and decor that would make the day perfect. Let me just tell you most of what I pinned was the exact opposite of what played out in my real life wedding AND I was so happy that was the case. 

One thing I recommend is making your wedding Pinterest board private. This is just a personal preference and slightly selfish on my part, but I wanted my wedding to be unique and different and keep my ideas secret for the time being. The board is now public if you want to follow it for inspiration.

The Knot

I spent so many nights not being able to sleep due to wedding stress and would find myself wander to The Knot to read articles and look at photos. They have so many informative helpful tips for wedding planning. I also bought The Knot planning binder and was so happy I did! My favorite part was the section in the beginning where it helps figure out your wedding style and different features you want to include in your wedding. It is really helpful in breaking down all of your ideas and putting them into one cohesive idea.


Yes, these still exist and I highly suggest buying a few wedding mags to flip through the first couple weeks of your engagement. I had quite a few people buy me some and I also went out and bought a few myself. I will always be a person who choose a book/magazine over a digital copy, especially during wedding planning. It’s great to have magazines where you can tear out ideas and color swatches to take to your many wedding appointments with vendors.


There were a few times during my engagement where I got sucked into the black hole of wedding accounts on Instagram. There is new content being uploaded every minute and it is so easy to get overwhelmed with wedding day ideas and also fun to look at all the pretty pictures. Because it is easy to drown in wedding inspo on Insta, I only followed a handful of accounts that I liked the most. Those accounts are listed down below! 


Carats and Cake

Wedding Chicks

Martha Weddings

Wedding Wire


Junebug Weddings


One thing I would suggest after you make all your final decor and theme choices is to stop looking at wedding inspiration! You will be bombarded with so many ideas and you will constantly second guess your choices. I did this a few times and up until a few weeks before the wedding I was trying to switch things around. It caused extra unneeded stress and the truth is, the first idea you decided on is probably 100% better planned out than what you’re throwing together last-minute. 

Now that I just gave you so many places to look for wedding inspo, please don’t feel overwhelmed! Looking at wedding ideas online and in magazines was one of my favorite parts about the whole planning process. Get your girlfriends together, make some popcorn and spend time looking through all these wedding inspiration resources!

Stay Lovely,

Hannah Shanae

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