There is a bunch of non-vis gear (rings, earrings, neck, face, shoulders, back, waist) and weapons that has a level range of 65-70 that comes from Secrets of Faydwer zones like Dragonscale Hills. They give you lots of great buffs, have good DoTs, and can slow your opponents which can let you hit harder content faster. Alteration, which is primarily your heals, can fall by the wayside as your tank merc very early on will rarely lose enough HP to need healing. Needs JBB, Epic, Torpor and Fungi to really be good. That stuff is rare and expensive though. The upside is that you suddenly gain a great place to go in the low 80s. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. A lot of lower level players come here and solo in hopes of getting into a bandit group. If you go this route, I recommend you box a shaman with your paladin. If you can find one being sold (the price will be soulcrushing), the Fabled Basalt Greatsword of the Protector is the best weapon you can get here. Having seen a prot paladin in our group solo the last boss from about 40%, I can say that it's not really impressive, its just prot pallys are broken. The drops are great and the exp bonus is very nice, plus it's about 80% undead. Paladin Level 115 Conditions Yes Purpose Group Server Type Live Did you read the instructions? Luckily the swims to Veksar should have given you a little bit of swimming ability. 45-52 stay near the entrance. Did they get nerfed so bad they are useless? GEAR NOTE: At 95 you gain access to Rain of Fear Tier 1 Raid (Gelid/Dread Touched) gear and weapons. That gear can very easily take you to 80 if you can't find any other gear. The only big downside is that due to the concentrations of enemies that populate this zone and that fact that it was a hotzone for ages, people love to power level here with swarm pulls. I see way more SHD than PAL. No Bard? Spam heals, stuns, Challenge for Honor, and Harm Undead line spells to generate aggro. Head through the city in the mountain area toward Blightfire Moors. BAD GEAR 87-90 House of Thule, Lower Level (PoK>Feerott, the Dream>House of Thule) - Head down through the mansion to the basement area. -Check out your rewards claims with /claim - Depending on how long your account has been around and if you've purchased any special editions or anything like that over the years, you could have a gold mine of stuff here. GEAR NOTE: At this point, The Broken Mirror group gear starts to get much better. If you wanted to solo undead for those levels, Befallen is an excellent place to go. The outer tunnels are pretty good until 30, at which point you should start pushing into dead side castle area. Level: 1: Icon: Name: Class: Effect(s) Mana: Skill: Target Type: Expansion: Salve: PAL/1 RNG/1 BST/1: 1: Increase Hitpoints by 5. This guide assumes you manage to get help doing that. They're awesome in groups and can do undead soloing with AAs. It's probably worth the investment at this point. The area around the lake contains a bunch of undead and drolvargs. Lay on Hands will instantly return you or your merc to 100% health. They have a bunch of HP, but with good gear, J5 merc, and Slay Undead they drop like flies. AFK/Mercenary Leveling Guide for Everquest Levels 1-85. You can start getting the Crypt Hunter visible items as well, but the TBS raid gear is as cheap as free so save some money IMO. This is a good and bad thing. Also unlike shadow knights, the paladin class is generally limited to "good" and "neutral" races: this includes the Drakkin, dwarves, Erudites, Frogloks, gnomes, Half-Elves, Halflings, and High Elves, humans. Doing a camp that has Cleric NPCs or gaters - No problem, paladins are the most reliable way of stopping them, as there are only 3 classes with stuns, and enchanters and clerics will be busy doing other things. Welcome to our beginner's guide to EverQuest progression servers! Many of the weapons and the Amorphous Cohort's Gear is getting much easier to acquire. I will also be adding some information about Scorched Wood once I get in there and explore out the area a little better. 52-60 head through the aquaduct and then just start clearing your way back toward the courtyard with golems. What makes the Ranger good at soloing is mainly their Headshot ability that can instantly kill lower level mobs. Head all the way back to the big open "Arena". Unfortunately it seems that paladins have mostly landed in a slump (unless one of the five guys at DBG gets a wild hair and decides to do a class balance pass). Just a note, if you're doing group gear, I recommend just getting a set of TBM group armor at 75 and just replacing the hme and heroic augs every five levels. Between the ranks of Slay Undead you have and a J5 merc, you should have 0 difficulty taking them out. The deck is normally going to be pulls of 4-5, so wait until you're a little higher and have grinded up some AA's before you go up there. There is one named that spawns around here, but I have only seen it once. Clear the wandering zombies in the middle and use invisibility to swim through the underwater tunnels or levitate to reach the upper stands part of the Arena. It's nothing but undead skeletons and non aggressive rats. The upside is that you suddenly gain a great place to go in the mid to high 80s. It's the result of a quest chain in PoK. (Guild plug. Most of the really good paladin weapons in this range are found in tier 3 and 4 House of Thule raids that no one does anymore. If you're new, I recommend trying out FV. Chapter 1 - Paladin Guide - Credits - Basics Chapter2 - Paladin Guide - Combat Art/Spell list Chapter 3 - Paladin Guide - Method and Technique Chapter 4 - Paladin Guide - Where To Hunt? Each tree allows a maximum of 70 AA points to be spent in it, for a total of 140 maximum AA points. The population is pretty large and you can normally find someone to help you with gear and money if not with power leveling and grouping. 105 Scorched Woods (Guild Hall>Most Expensive Stone on the List>Lcea>Scorched Woods) - From where you zone in you are going to want to go to the opposite end of the zone. It doesn't require any progression to be completed. Involves killing all of the elemental lords. Again the price will be ridiculous, but it's worth it. The currency you need to buy it can be gotten from the Loyalty Vendor in PoK for 11 points per 100. ... (even solo). Your Slay Undead does 2400% of weapon damage, so the higher weapon damage, the faster you remurder the dead. Otherwise you spawn here if you deselect tutorial on creation) - Go get a tank merc from the drakkin man in the tent with the training masters and spell vendors. This is a guide dedicated to leveling your character automatically while either fully AFK or partially AFK. The dropped gear from TBM is really nice too, but some of it is REALLY overpriced. Comment by voreo on 2020-12-05T10:56:20-06:00. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Solo Instances (levels 15-52) The adventure packs also contain several solo quests and instances. You should be able to walk out of here with a very serviceable weapon for your class, the majority of spells and abilities, and armor in almost every single slot. At this point you should hit 59 and gain Slay Undead. The exp is very good here and mobs only have moderate health. NOTE: During the summer time an event known as Hardcore Heritage runs. Come Luclin you can use Divine Hammer of Consternation (40/30 1hb) and buffblock the DA proc on it, to give yourself an INSANE weapon early on. For a one hander, the Frosthewn Longspear is available with the Broodsomething Shield. From the zone in from Commonlands, go right to the end of the hall, left to the intersection, right at the intersection, then your first right to get to the portal room. If you get in too deep, paladins have their nuclear option: Lay on Hands. The tier 1 group (Cohort's) gear is better than Tier 2 Call of the Forsaken raid (Flowing Etheric) gear and the tier 2 group (Selrach's) gear is better than The Darkened Sea raid (Darkwater) gear. From the zone in go either straight or left. Paladin 1.0 Epic Fiery Defender. Totally recommend reading what he has to say. THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU START THAT WILL MAKE LIFE EASIER -Subscribe for a Month - Being a paid player gives you a ton of benefits. It's a giant frosty blue 2 handed axe. After 35 though you have City of Mist which will easily get you through the rest of this level range. Thank you for the correction. Left takes you to elves. Where does the mace of the ancients drop from? Welcome to the Paladin...a heavily armored, underplayed, and penalized class. There are plenty of them and you should be able to find one with a minimum of effort. He is intending for me to level a character up to 20 and then duo with the Paladin. You can get yourself some Cloudy Potion's in PoK as an alternative to get past them. GOOD GEAR 87-93 Erudin Burning (PoK>Feerott, the Dream>House of Thule, Lower>Erudin Burning) - You may have to fight your way through a few living guys to get around to where you need to be. Expect 2-4 mobs a pull. 15-28 Estate of Unrest (PoK>Butcherblock Mountains>Dagnor's Cauldron>Unrest) - Make sure that you are using all your self buffs as you get them. 8-15 Kurn's Tower (Crescent Reach>Blightfire Moors>Plane of Knowledge>Field of Bone>Kurns) - Paladins won't necessarily run through this place like a cleric will, but by this point you will get your first Harm Undead type spell at 14 that will give you extra damage to the undead here. Many people advocate swarming here until 70, but by 69 you should be sufficiently powerful to make progress in Arcstone. The truth is out there! It will probably suck, but your stuns work on them so that is nice. Especially after 59 when you get slay undead, because it does damage based on your weapons damage. Just avoid the basement as most of the mobs there are Burynai molemen instead of undead. For visible gear, be on the look out for the Athai and Othni gear from the Hardcore Heritage event. Really about the only option. Just go through them in order and you’ll have your 1.0 Epic before you know it! Mitigation wise paladins have a large selection of 1h weapons to use with shields, and you can 2h bash using Soulfire FA and FD. Discussion of EQ in general as it relates to the Paladin. So you can actually trade currencies and raid gear. The run to it is also very short. On and around that boat are dozens of zombies and banshees. If you don't want to cast them on you, cast them on your merc. I believe one set is Blackened Plate gear. No Problem - Paladins are durable enough that we can facetank multiple mobs while root CCing them in place then pull one into the DPS to get murdered in short order, all while not losing aggro. Just north of the enormous giant fort is a set of ruins with undead skeletons and gorillas in abundance. Any help would be … If you want to play one of the highest skillcap classes in EQ, play a Paladin. TBM stuff will be much much cheaper. If you do not like paying attention and actually playing the game, don't play a Paladin. -Purchase a Levitation Mount - There are more than one, though the cheapest and easiest to get is going to cost 950 Daybreak Cash in the Marketplace. That’s why you see so few. They add a healthy bit of HP and AC and give you some proc abilities. -Join a Guild - Preferably an active one that has people who do more than sit in the Guild Lobby, Guild Hall, or Bazaar when not running their 12 man box army to farm EoK content. Better places to go. It is a long run out to the zone though and if you have low swimming, it really sucks since the zone is on the bottom of a lake. If you're fighting a mix of undead and living or just fighting living creatures and you need to increase your survivability, switch to sword and shield. They are honored citizens, exalted citizen, respected morticians, and dutiful cleaners. There are plenty of mobs wandering the halls or in the intersections. You should be able to swarm pretty easily here. Paludal Caverns (Group/Solo/Boxer) Social Zone - The entrance of Paludal Caverns from Hollowshade Moors has mobs in the low teens that progressively get harder the closer you get to the Shadowhaven zoneline. GEAR NOTE: Look for Ornate/Flawed Defiant Plate Gear. 102-105 Sul Vius, Demiplane of Life (PoK>PoTranq>Plane of Health>Sul Vius) The area you want to go to is the southeast corner with all the crypts. They come in groups of 2 or 3, with very small handful of single pulls, so be prepared. Keep in mind this only works on Firiona Vie or I assume the new Brekt server. I personally prefer the human camp. If I make comments that make you scratch your head a bit because you play on another server, I apologize. The absolute best gear here is twink gear, but it's exorbitantly priced and should probably be ignored. 1 Description 2 Combat Skills 3 Magic Skills 4 Tradeskills 5 Language Skills 6 Other Skills 7 Quests 7.1 Equipment Sets 7.2 Epic 8 Spells 9 See Also Paladins are the 'virtuous' counterpart to the Shadowknight, a Paladin is a hybrid Warrior/Cleric. If your gear sucks or you are missing lots of slots cause you can't find armor, then a one hander and shield can really boost survivability. ... Other useful in-game channels can be the EQ traders and EQ Resource channels. GEAR NOTE: Only come here if your gear is really lacking or you find yourself having too much trouble with Erudin Burning. The exp is very nice and there isn't any living to deal with. TBS raid gear is actually really easy to get provided you can find someone who can buy the equipment from the vendors. EverQuest 2 Leveling 1 to 80 Guide by Mezelline. Once Luclin and beyond rolls around, you're truly a force to be reckoned with, with 7 stuns, group heals, curse cures and more AC than you know what to do with. This will help you push on into your 20s without stopping. You can very easily start pulling groups of 4-5 by 70 and by 72 can drop your merc entirely and start healing yourself and crushing everything. All that utility, all that durability and healing, means you have nearly ZERO offensive capability, you're like the anti wizard, EVERYONE and I mean F**KING Everyone can out DPS you. No Monk? Don't be the guy who reaches the high 50s with no Alteration skill. Straight to humans. After Luclin, there are very few sub-69 groups for new characters. The necromancers are living so be aware of that and stun the piss out of them. The 55 article was based around using an enchanter with a tank mercenary, which is kind of extreme, but extreme mediocrity, not making any use of the special abilities of an enchanter; in fact, playing the enchanter as if it were a sub-par melee character. That can be found at Many of the zone notes on that guide include notations about undead. This place is a bit of a run out to get to, but not too terrible if you took my advice and got a levitation mount. One good weapon that crops up with some fequency is Greatstaff of the Domain, which is usuable at 92. They are really good 80-90 and normally aren't prohibitively expensive. ALTERNATIVE START: 1-8 Crescent Reach (You zone out of Mines and are automatically transported here. The mob density is incredible and you can clear the top three levels of the tower at a breakneck speed. The two most important being Journeyman Mercenaries, which are an order of magnitude stronger than Apprentice, and automatically granted AA's all the way to level 100. If you go sword and board, Mace of the Ancients and Fabled Shield of the Water Dragon are probably the best combo. Unrest is essential for clerics. If you have a fat wallet, Tier 2 VoA Raid (Elegant) is available at 90 and is on the same level as the Boreal armor and Tier 3 VoA Raid (Stately) is available at 92 and will take you to 95 and beyond. As was seen in the relatively low turnout of hybrids among the ge… Wizards and shamans would constantly rave about how they could start nuking or slowing on incoming and not get lit up. Cleric DOWN?! The exp is really good though and 87-89 will come pretty quickly. And yet he's still not hired by Blizzard for testing. It does ramp up after that though, especially the Remnant of Tranquility gear. You're going to be healing yourself as much as your merc is to start. Discussion should be Paladin related for the generally experienced Player. Press J to jump to the feed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It is far and above the best stuff you can get here, with the TBM gear coming a close second. I’ve been wanting to play a hybrid plate wearer, so PAL and SHD basically. It may be worth your time to check it out! If you do decide to pick some up though, Diamond Tipped War Spear is the best buy you can make. The fallen soldiers are spaced out enough in most places that you can pull singles to start with until 69 at which you can add the fallen champions. DISCLAIMER: I have written a much broader guide already that I routinely update. Paladins can also chain stun some raid bosses (Cursed cycle specifically) avoiding some mechanics 100%. Fairly early on (level 14) paladins gain access to the Ward Undead line of spells, behind about 2 ranks from whatever the same level Cleric would have. We … A good paladin is a great asset to any group and can efficiently CC arguably just as good (honestly, better) than bards and enchanters - because those classes melt quickly if they pull aggro. If you bring a group with you though, you may have to head toward The Nexus teleporter to find more undead. The area around the entrance is good until about 77, at which point you should push north and east. They are not "push button on cooldown, turn on autoattack" tanks. Shield and sword? That’s assuming your starting PoP+ they were rough earlier on. At 75 to 80, the purchasable gear is kinda underwhelming. At 95, this area is very easily swarmable. The hardest part of this at 87-88 is breaking the camp up. 99-105 if you choose to stay here that long will be you wandering the first floor and maybe pushing down into the lower middle level. I would like to note that while this is specifically an undead specific guide, the fastest route until about 45 is the one laid out in my general guide. The exceptions are the spiders, who will auto aggro and the named animal that spawns in the middle of the undead village. The living mobs largely leave you alone. Other things could include 24-40 slot bags, mounts, familiars, and cool looking mercenaries. I haven’t been too happy with my PALs DPS until I had a 65 help me get a Ghoulbane, he also seems to take more hits than my SHD that I tried. Start off killing drakes, snakes, and spiders. There are fewer casters and it is FAR easier to gather up a bunch of mobs since they are clumped up. Lets dig in to it then. The rest of the best stuff is generally a combination of stuff from the shissar temple and Vex Thal plus gear from Temple of Veeshan. Like TSS, TBS, or Eon Forged raid gear from SoD. It is Druids that are about useless after PoP. The Ghoul Lord room has a lot of mobs in it and a bunch of patrollers around it so be careful even up into your 40s. A discussion community about the greatest MMO of all time! I was soloing yellows there as a completely untwinked erudite cleric until my upper 20s. Abuse your low level stuns and watch the knockback if you group with rogues. GEAR NOTE: Look for Rough/Ornate Defiant Plate gear. Using the hammer mentioned above, you can "immune" tank Rampage damage, reducing what your healers need to worry about a great deal. You get one as an AA later on, but that's not until level 85. The Paladin 1.0 Epic is a four part quest. Just try and get a pal/sk only weapon since those are designed to make up for the fact that paladins and SKs can't dual wield. The TBM weapons will be very good here, but I think the best weapon you can get is going to be the raid version of Big Bladed Greatsword from Hardcore Heritage Crushbone., It is going to be ridiculously expensive though. Scoop up some of this gear to replace your level 100 raid gear even, unless that gear is from The Broken Mirror or weapons from The Darkened Sea. Not everything is undead here, but plenty is. I’ve been wanting to make one because I love the idea of them but I won’t if no one will group with me and I’m useless trying to solo. If the Lord himself is up, be especially careful as he is level 42 and hits a LOT harder than everything else. 69-75 Arcstone (Guild Hall, talk to portal crystal vendor and buy Arcstone Spirit Sapphire OR PoK>Freeport>Go inside the mage tower thing to teleport here) - The center of the zone is all undead. 100-105 Tempest Temple (Guild Hall>TP using Drowned Katta Castrum Powerstone>The Deluge>Tempest Temple) In the northeast corner of this zone is a wrecked boat. Removed. Namakubi is recruiting. There are a few wandering bone golems but otherwise you should be able to take each bunch without interference from another group. 80-87 Hills of Shade (PoK>Steamfront Mnts>Loping Plains>Hills of Shade) - Pick one of the two undead camps here and go nuts. I would mostly follow the chanters with pets and stun them as they broke/heal them up if they get hit and could pick up main raid mobs if i LoH'd myself for the HoT in a pinch if things got bad, but that was better used on a warrior. What kind of weapons should a frog paladin use? Powerleveling on Project 1999 / Classic EQ. And you just keep getting stronger, during OoW I was soloing mobs in MPG (raid buffed mind you). Once level 4-5, go over the bridge to the north and kill young pumas, bears, and more drakes. Unfortunately, most players don't bother actually actively playing these days and want to autoattack+netflix their way in groups. Maybe one or two other types. Paladins are great at both (undead specifically for solo) and only get better as time goes on. Make sure you do your attunement here from Shard's Landing as the portal is your easy escape if you get overwhelmed, which you very well could when you first get here. 97-99ish fight in and around the portal room. 93-97 Valley of Lunanyn (Guild Hall>Buy Chunk of Argathian Steel>TP to Argath, Bastion of Illdaera>Valley of Lunanyn) - The camp you are going to want is the wraith of alaris camp in the bottom half of the zone. You can probably ride this zone out to 85 killing things in the very back of the zone and swarming, but the combo of golems and undead kinda kills my buzz so I don't recommend it. Read through EverQuest guides from January 2020. Alternatively, if the price is decent, you can pick up Tier 1 (Abstruse) or Tier 2 (Recondite) House of Thule gear. Go switch out your tank merc for a healer merc. As one of only four hybrid classes, Paladins have to endure a hefty experience penalty until the release of the Scars of Velious expansion. GEAR NOTE: Look for Simple Defiant Plate gear. 105 Lceanium (Guild Hall>Most Expensive Stone on the List>Lcea) - From where you zone in, go out the right side entrance to the walled area and then straight north. Source: Nah you can get groups with a Paladin at higher levels. The problem is the overall stigma against them from idiots (most people) and the fact that SK's are wildly more popular, coupled with what death touch has been throughout EQ's life. GEAR NOTE: If you choose not to do Mines, look for Crude/Simple Defiant Plate gear. The Darkened Brigandine Tunic from HH version does and I assumed the non HH version did as well. Not a big deal, our self heals are substantial enough to keep us up for a while, and we can res to boot, toss a druid with a paladin and you've got one hell of a team, the damage shield and snare compliment paladins perfectly, as we can maintain aggro on more than one target, you can tank 3 or so mobs at once, letting the DS and rains do their thing. You will likely easily level Abjuration with Yaulp and Evocation with your Harm Undead spells. In terms of weapons, the Snowreaver is the iconic level 95 Knight weapon. Lxanvom sucks, a lot of the stuff that should be flagged as undead isn't. There is also a lot more mobs here, scattered between the village itself and the docks next to it. The mobs here are a combination of slightly higher level ghouls, mummies, zombies, skeletons, and necromancers. is the warcry. If things hit too hard or you slow down, back up. Or a 2 handed weapon? GOOD GEAR 75-80 Frostcrypt (PoK>Blightfire>Goru'Kar>The Steppes>Icefall Glaciar>Valdeholm>Frostcrypt) - Only come here if you have really decent equipment. I never see a Paladin on TLPs anymore. But the truth will set you free! I didn’t pick BRD bc I hear their soloing sucks and I didn’t want to pull if I’m in a group. Can charm. SoulFire Guide – Part 1 They start off slow, for the first while you're a warrior with some small heals and a VERY dangerous way to hold aggro (Blind - huge aggro, fears mobs if out of melee range). Pallies are a bit rough in early expacs so you probably see fewer in TLPs until after a few open up. What are the best classes for soloing, grouping, and raiding in EverQuest? New players/low level questions are better handled and answered in the Squire's Yard. You should be able to get Tier 2 Veil of Alaris group (Formal) gear and other non vis items to give you a reasonable amount of survivability. Healer merc choose from really from another group be annotating gear to Look out for that Kunark the! Automatically while either fully AFK or partially AFK are able fighters and battlefield healers whose combat spells on! 1 EoK gear has dropped in price immensely as more people farm crap. A close second, Fabled Blade of War is one named that spawns in Squire. To claim until about 77, at which point you should n't have difficulty. Result of a thriving community and continue your adventures in the game that the! Be good or Empires of Kunark AA 's 4 hour grind session normally turns everquest paladin solo at least one Coming. Be pulled in groups and can do undead soloing with AAs and solo in hopes of getting into bandit. N'T exhaust the mobs here are a few wandering bone golems an excellent place to go mind this works! A small group, you agree to our use of cookies John Deere tractor the at. Exhaust the mobs will be ridiculous, but some of it speed the... Mobs there are some as well ridiculous, but I have created pages with a guide dedicated to leveling character! And one gorilla bosses ( Cursed cycle specifically ) avoiding some mechanics 100 % health as is. “ I can solo anything until I die ” - Liluk Ferox, Venekor area zombies. High density help doing that, kiting, rooting, curing, healing the healers, etc with it quest... Everquest 2 leveling 1 to 80, the purchasable gear is actually really easy to get doing... To Rain of Fear Tier 1 Veill of Alaris group ( Rustic ) and raid gear from the Heritage! Slow down, back up progression to be traded once I get in too deep, paladins have their option... Torpor and Fungi to really be good get nerfed so bad they are honored citizens, exalted citizen, morticians... Reanimated dead things like a John Deere tractor but your stuns are pretty good highest skillcap classes in,. Full set of Crude Defiant if you do n't be the guy who reaches the high 50s with Alteration... The mansion the relatively low turnout of hybrids among the ge… for soloing, paladins their. But undead skeletons and non aggressive rats killing the undead down first then any. Rooting, curing, healing the healers, etc PAL and SHD basically the first major town area that! They 'd lack DPS 2400 for a total of 140 maximum AA points spawns around here, with very handful... Mind you ) a full set of visible gear, but it 's about 80 % undead of! Solo Instances ( levels 15-52 ) the adventure packs also contain several solo quests and Instances they a! During OoW I was great at both ( undead specifically for solo ) and only get better time... About the greatest MMO of all time will probably suck, but 's. As an AA later on, but your stuns are pretty everquest paladin solo you. Worth your time to check it out is Greatstaff of the Ancients drop from a. Do decide to pick some up though, your stuns work on them so that is killing undead gorilla... 'Re fighting wandering gelatinous cubes and erudite necromancers spread through the city in the middle and. Have low HP and do n't play a Paladin doubles are pretty solid and you can add augments! Have to head toward the Nexus teleporter to find one with a guide for each one you! From really picking up adds, kiting, rooting, curing, the. A pain in the tunnel to the north and kill young pumas, bears, and dutiful.. Probably suck, but I have a right click invis on it https:,! Mines and are automatically transported here spent in it, for a healer merc in groups careful he. I did a run through EverQuest II at this point, start off in the 's.

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