In the fall/winter time I literally live out of cardigans. They are comfortable, stylish and practical. Whenever I wear a cardigan I usually pair it with a simple tank top or tee. I like the casual feel of it, yet you could spice it up with a statement necklace or scarf–like I did in these photos.

I recently did a fringe scarf giveaway on my Instagram with Magnolia Boutique and wanted to take a second to highlight another adorable item from their shop. Most of my cardigans I own are heavyweight and I can’t start practically using them till mid-November. This navy hooded cardigan is perfect for fall because it lightweight and perfect for those 60 degree days. Do yourself a favor and get this cardigan, you won’t regret it!
photos by: Laurel Creative Instagram: LaurelCreative

Until Next Time,

Hannah Shanae


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