Everyone always told me to expect things to go wrong on my wedding day. “Don’t expect your wedding to be perfect” and “things will go wrong, just embrace it” were things I heard frequently even from strangers at the supermarket. These are not the most comforting phrases to hear from people, but because of it Cameron and I prepared for the worst- but we didn’t expect the worst to actually happen. 

Cameron and I knew we wanted an outdoor ceremony and reception. When picking a wedding date you can’t predict what the weather will be. Even though my fiancé, now husband, is a meteorologist, he still can’t predict that far in advance. So we picked a date, May 19, 2018 and started praying.

My father sat me down many times during my seven month engagement and said we should have a back up plan in case there would be rain. I kept saying that wouldn’t happen and that everything would be perfect. Not out of ignorance, but because I really truly believed that God was going to show up and provide a beautiful ceremony and reception. We had a tent on hold and had to choose whether or not we were going to use it the week before our wedding. When the time came to make that decision, my fiancé and I looked at the forecast and confidently decided to nix the tent.

The week of and even the day before our wedding we had many people telling us we needed to change the location of the wedding because the forecast was predicting rain. Imagine planning your wedding down to the very detail for months only to be told the day before that none of it could happen. Not a fun thing to be told. I’m sure the vendors thought I was a crazy person because I kept saying that it wasn’t going to rain during our wedding and we should set everything up as planned. I had a peace that the Lord was going to provide beautiful weather even though the radar showed otherwise, God’s will was going to be played out. 

God revealed to me even before Cameron proposed in October where our ceremony site would be. I was out on a run one day last fall and across the road from my childhood home there is the big beautiful tree. I passed it millions of times before, but this day was different. It was so evident to me that was where Cameron and I should get married. Under the big beautiful tree. I would go on regular runs and walks during our engagement just to pray over the tree and the land for God to be present and glorified through our wedding. I am sure I sounded crazy to people at times because I was so sure everything would fall into place. 

Our wedding day came and the morning was beautiful. A few hours before the wedding it started pouring, like reaaaal hard. I remember sitting in my living room watching the radar on my phone waiting for the rain to pass. All the bridesmaids and I stood in my kitchen and just started praying for the rain to pass and for God to be glorified through it all. We ended up having to push back the wedding a half hour but thankfully we had the most understanding and loving guests who waited out the rain for us. We had family and friends running around trying to assist the vendors, help set things up and make sure everything was still ready to go once the rain stopped. There were so many family friends who actually ended up missing our ceremony because they were helping set up the reception. I’ve never felt more loved and cared for in my life. So many people sacrificed to help make our wedding perfect and it’s something we will always be so grateful for.

Just like the Lord promised, in God’s perfect timing, the rain went away and the sun came out. We were able to have the most beautiful ceremony and worship God for His provision on the day. We learned to trust in the Lord and have faith more than we ever have had to before. What not a better way to start our marriage than learning to trust and lean in to the Lord and His plans he has for us. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me this story to be able to share whenever someone asks about the wedding. I will always be able to use it to share his faithfulness and goodness. 


Not everything was perfect. Our DJ flaked on the ceremony, I didn’t get to walk town to the instrumental version of Dreams by Stevie Nicks *sigh* and our welcome sign didn’t get set out for the guests. Honestly though, at the end of the day, I was just happy to finally get to marry the love of my life. I don’t want to tell you to expect things to go wrong on your wedding day because I really do hope it will be perfect, but that isn’t always the case. What I learned on my wedding day is that you just need to laugh and carry on with the day. Enjoy being surrounded by your favorite people and embrace the wedding day imperfections because they will make your day memorable, just like the rain did for mine.

Stay Lovely,

Hannah Shanae

photos by: Ana Rosario



Love this, Hannah! A true testament to God and His perfect plan. <3


thanks mere! His plan is perfect!

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