When I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago, I was able to meet up with a sweet super talented (photographer) friend from college, Lauren. She took photos for me when I started blogging and it’s so amazing to see that her passions and career have taken off! Not only is she crazy talented, for real though…check out her insta, she has a beautiful heart.

I was meeting up with Lauren about 10 minutes from my hotel, so I decided to walk. I love people watching, but in the city it’s hard to people watch while you’re walking and not look creepy…for me anyway. I always smile at people if I make eye contact and apparently “that smile” (as I’ve been told), is a weird soft half-smile that looks frightening more than a kind hello. Long story short, as I was walking to meet Lauren at 8:30 in the morning, I walked right by Jimmy Fallon and his wife!!! I locked eyes with Jimmy and it was true friendship at first sight. Ok, not really. I actually was too nervous to say hi and didn’t want to interrupt his morning stroll. I kept walking and let him be a normal human. What would you have done?!  Ran back to say hi and ask for a picture or kept on walking?

Anyways, enough about my awkward celeb sightings because this outfit deserves a little attention! Today I’m sharing my go-to everyday look. My two favorite pieces from this outfit are my pom-pom sneakers and faux fur coat. I really love mixing casual clothes with quirky items. I like to show my personality in what I wear and my personality tends to lean on the quirky side. So when I spotted these sneaks, I knew they were match made in heaven!

Fun fact: Corinne from The Bachelor has these same shoes. So that’s kinda cool, I guess? #TeamVanessa

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Stay Lovely,

Hannah Shanae




I would have done the same as you, love this look! And the shoes! Xo, Kristi


I seriously love those shoes!! SO cute!!


I would’ve been too timid to go back to say hi. I think celebrities appreciated being gone ‘unnoticed’ as they are swarmed way too much. It would’ve been neat to see him in person though.


I love how you styled this faux fur with a casual outfit. Makes it so wearable! Super cute!


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