I am by no means a professional advice giver, but I have been through my fair share of experiences that have allowed me to gain a few pieces of wisdom throughout my college career thus far. On my YouTube channel I am doing a Back To School Series and my first video was college advice I had. I gave two pieces of advice for each year I have been through so far. If you don’t feel like reading today, you can scroll down and watch the video below! 🙂


My two pieces of advice for freshman year is to be outgoing and learn to share space/set boundaries with your roommates.

Be Outgoing!

In order to make friends (which is always hard when you know nobody and are in a new place) you need to be outgoing! My freshman year was mainly spent in my dorm room watching Netflix and becoming “friends” with Meredith Grey and Detective Benson. I really enjoy being by myself a lot and I am okay with that, but when I realized I only had 4 friends after my first semester, I knew it was time to change a few things. After I started being more outgoing I started making friends way easier. Sometimes you just have to be the first person to smile or say hi!

Sharing Space/Setting Boundaries

I never had to share a room or bathroom growing up, so sharing that space when I went to college was extremely foreign to me. I had to share a bathroom with 40 girls and a living space with 2. When you live in a small space with other people you realize quickly that boundaries need to be set. Talk with your roommate(s) about sharing clothes, having times for studying, and having friends over. When you set boundaries early on it allows a healthy environment and relationship for you and your roommates.


Sophomore year is when I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and got more involved with clubs/activities.

It’s Okay To Change Your Major

Going into college I knew exactly what I wanted to study and do for the rest of my life. My first semester of my sophomore year that completely changed. I started out as a Health Promotions and Speech Communications major and switched to Advertising and Public Relations. It was the best decision I could’ve made and I love the major I am in now. I even changed my major again this past year (because they changed the name of my major) to Strategic Communications and Social Media Management. If you are worried about not knowing what to study, know that it’s okay not to know. What I have always heard and told people is to take what you are really good at and what you are really passionate about and put those two things together. By doing that it should be clear what you want to do with your life.

Get Involved

This is a self explanatory tip so I’ll keep it brief, but seriously I have met so many great friends through clubs I have joined and intramural volleyball teams I have been a part of!


Junior year was my busiest year yet and a big growing/learning year for me.

Buy A Planner And Actually Use It! 

I am all about writing down my class schedule, group project meetings, and homework deadlines. By writing daily in your planner, your life will become 10000x more organized and will help with your time management.  My life would be chaotic and homework would not get turned in if I didn’t rely on my planner. This is the planner I use!

Take Time For Yourself

Junior year was the busiest and most stressful year so far. I learned the hard way that if I didn’t take time to relax and take my mind off school then my anxiety would rise. School is so important, but when you are letting it control your life and it is effecting you negatively then you need to reprioritize what is really important. Find something you enjoy that lowers your stress, like working out, reading a book, or watching television.

Hopefully this college advice was helpful to you!

If you are going to be a freshman, what is one thing you are worried about?

If you are or have been through college, what is a piece of college advice you would give someone?

Until Next Time,

Hannah Shanae


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Very thoughtful advice! I think just taking lots of chances and making lots of friends is the best college advice. It goes by waaaaaaay too quickly!
xx, Karen
Glam Karen


Amen to all of these! College was and will be the best years of my life. And in order to maximize those amazing years, your tips are right on the nail! The only thing I’d add is to keep in touch with friends you’ve made throughout the years. You’d be surprised how much you wish you spent more time with them when you’re out of college.

xoxo, Nickie


I think you have offered some wise advice and it sounds like you have grown through your experiences!

Brooke | KBStyled


You are just the cutest! I wish I was still in college. That was a long long long long time ago for me hahaha! I would do anything to know what I know now and go back! I wish I would have started my blog and networked there as well!

xoxo Amanda
The Miller Affect


I never went to college so I can’t relate to much but a lot of these are just overall great tips for growing up! Loved them!


I LOVE this! I’m about to start my sophomore year, and know it’s going to be busier than ever! Wonderful tips!
xx, Victoria


Very good advice! It’s been awhile since my college days (there definitely wasn’t a Social Media Management degree that was offered…how cool!) but these tips seem spot on!
Great post and best of luck to you!
CS Gems


good advice! I actually looked back and made “themes” for every year I was there…like what the main thing I learned was. It’s great to share with those who need the advice!
Southern Elle Style


These are great tips! I am thinking about filming a college advice video (I just did one about sorority recruitment)! I had the best time in college and would LOVE to go back, but videos talking about my experience is about as good as it can get hahah!


Ugh I so wish I could just go back to college. Best 4 years of my life. Can’t believe you’re still in college… you seem so much older! 🙂


These are great tips Hannah! I defiantly learned all the same stuff when I was in college. The biggest two in my opinion are to remember to have time for yourself, have fun and to get involved.



adorable. love this advice! gosh, college seems like an eternity ago for me, but i completely agree with everything you said! i definitely changed my major sophomore year (and its OK!).

xoxo, Elena Michelle


I love your videos! They are so cute and this one is bringing me back to my college days 🙂

xo Ivette


Great advice for those newbies!

À LA PLAGE style

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