@Wes D sez: “Again I’m mainly just here for the ridiculous comments ha!”, Okay, guy, you just made comments, and they are utterly ridiculous, so mission accomplished. For the Status Status earned in 2021 is valid for the rest of 2021, all of 2022 and expires (if it’s not re-earned) at the end of Feb. 2023. It would bring tears of joy to a true capitalist’s eyes: Hyatt has created demand where none existed before. The only way you can prove me “delusional” is by providing counter-facts (not more claims) or all you would have accomplished by interjecting is to leave no doubt about which one of us is truly delusional. One reason that Hyatt Globalist has retained its value is because Hyatt has kept the value of its points remarkably consistent. World of Hyatt reduces status requirements for 2021 Hyatt definitely has the best program if you travel a lot on the road. Or another way to think of it, how much cash would I pay for the benefits? What a hypocrite. Agree with you, Lucky, a 100%! 1 free night Cat4 from spending $15K on WOH credit card World of Hyatt has announced that it will be cutting elite status requirements by 50% in 2021, meaning that you’ll be able to earn top tier Globalist status with just 30 hotel nights (or 15, if you stay from Jan-Feb 2021). Here is what it says: “Relax in the Club lounge with continental breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres daily. Not only that, but maybe worse, it costs an arm and a leg to achieve, which makes achieving the status a ‘Pyrrhic victory”: you get it but spend so much in the process that it nullifies the primary rationale for playing the mile/point game, which, for most, is to lower the costs of leisure travel . The real reason is that hyatt points go further! and this is already a metro where Hyatt group has decent coverage. https://onemileatatime.com/hyatt-prive-benefits/. They get the same benefits, just have more opportunities to utilize them. World of Hyatt is perhaps most beneficial to families traveling on leisure to high-cost destinations, and people who enjoy travel in China and other Asian destinations. The big thing to keep in mind here is what I mentioned above, which is the Milestone Rewards are in tact. — an additional free night certificate for use at ANY category hotel after spending $60K Assuming a value of 1.5cpp, that is $3,225. So, I have an upcoming 2-night stay at a Hyatt with a lounge but I can’t get access as a 30-night Explorist since I am using free night certificates. I LOVED Hyatt and have many excellent stories of how well the Hyatt team and the HK and Bali properties recognized my loyalty. The rest is very much everyday hotels. They had 2 but the Park Hyatt was so outdated they finally closed it to fully renovate it. Say an unlimited flight or hotel pass for a year. For those hotels without a club lounge you get a full, hot breakfast in the restaurant. Given the above assumptions (72 nights at $150 per night), you’d spend a total of $10,800, earning you 16,200 additional Hyatt points, worth $275.40. I’m looking at attaining Hyatt Globalist, like many I’m sure. What value do you get out of a huge suite other than it looks really nice? for cash only? Hyatt is obviously the best Hotel loyalty brand it’s not rocket science. If Hyatt could a acquire or partner to expand their footprint, and if they can make their Globalist concierge benefit worth while, then it would hands down be the best program. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. This is not quite the usual achievement because Hyatt cut the qualification requirements in half (read more here) and decided to roll over select nights from 2020 into 2021 and double count the nights consumed for qualification purposes until February 28, 2021. Of course, I understand for a lot of people it’s just not practical to be loyal to Hyatt, given the group’s relatively small global footprint, though a lot of progress has been made there in recent years. I have heard some people say that they value the Category 1-7 Free Night Certificate at $1,000 because they were able to use it at the Park Hyatt Sydney during a busy season when the room rate was $1,000 per night. Thank you for taking the time to answer, and congrats on requalifying! @Gene I agree about the SPG fanboys. So that is a more reasonable valuation to me. The best way to ensure failure is to try to get benefits that are not part of program’s T&C or to feel “entitled and then *demand* benefits that are without exception at the discretion of each property, which was considered an inconvenience that could simply be ignored by SPG loyalists, who earned their enduring spoiled-elite reputation, as a result. Claims about how many SNAs you’ve cleared do not square with reality, which is that SNAs were so useless SPG was compelled to offer alternate perks. Setting aside the fact that many who play the game do not even make these amounts a whole year, one simply needs to spend, and I quote from post above: — $140,000 to earn Globalist status, assuming you don’t have the status already ($140,000 of spend gets you 56 elite qualifying nights, plus the five you get just for having the card) I realize that everyone has different priorities, but as a solo, self employed business traveler, I agree with @Jay. Then there is the 5th award night free perk — a tremendous perk that Globalists do not get but is seldom mentioned as a weakness of the program. — and more. For instance, in spite of countless objective demonstrations, including one just yesterday, that when adjusted for the number of points that Hilton and Hyatt award for the SAME spend, the two programs offer awards that cost virtually the same, that did not stop you from making this demonstrably ignorant claim: “Second Hilton charges 40-50,000 points for Hampton inns in most citys!!!!! Anyone with a tax bill of $140K would not need to nickel and dime by playing the game. Share in the comments below. Without the Milestone Rewards (in other words, with just the benefits of Globalist status), I would value status at $505. — 10K bonus points after reaching 40 nights, and award nights count! I’m mostly traveling for business, not on an expense account. I suspect that after being brain-washed with how Hilton Honors was a “weak program”, you simply failed to see, appreciate and seize the many opportunity that program offered you. — “Diamond Force” when the chips are down From that pov, I do think Globalist offers more than HH Diamond. Confirmed suite upgrade. However, this is the last year I am maintaining Globalist due to cost/benefit analysis mentioned by DCS. I tried Hilton as a Diamond for several years but after frustratingly dealing with them and not ever really seeing much of a benefit, I switched my backup program to SPG and while I had to fight for some benefits (suites primarily), the level of treatment I got was astonishingly different. The Hyatt program has been widely touted as one of the best hotel loyalty programs out of all the major chains. Maybe it’s just me but if Hyatt actually gets any traction with their year-end deal with Fine Hotel group(many of which are very expensive) Globalist(and likely Explorist) should(repeat, should) become much more valuable. 5 nights from just having WOH credit card @pat sez: “Come on man! (Obviously this is a spending scenario). If someone offered me Globalist status for a year AND the Milestone Rewards, I would probably pay $1,100 cash for it if I knew I was going to be traveling a lot in the coming year. I love the designs of PHs and SLHs, while the footprint of Hilton helps me in other situations. Might as well stay in a motel 6 down the road… You can find a Hyatt place in most cities for 5-8,000 Hyatt points. @DSK – I agree most of your points. After the program change, it was clear I couldn’t achieve any meaningful status/benefits and I directed all my business elsewhere. I’ve read your comments on OMAAT for over a year and they are over the line. What hotel is that home/top image?? The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered. That’s pretty incredible, because top tier ‘Globalist’ status with Hyatt will only require 30 nights total in 2021, making that an instant 20. No, Hyatts, Park Hyatts, Grand Hyatts or Hyatt Regencys are not required to have one. How much of an annual fee would you pay to get that credit card? @Ben I think it is absolute BS that you push this card w/o mentioning the gigantic amount of spending it would take to achieve Globalist status via CC spending. The nominal redemption value of my 5-night award stay at WA Maldives at the end of the year will be ~4cpp, i.e., ~10x the average redemption avenue! But, come on, let’s be fair! I am including how I value (or what I would be paying out of pocket if I didn’t have status) each benefit. Traveling for business even where they do have a decent choice I often find them to be in less-than-ideal locations. This is a good change to see at Hilton, Starwood, and others have offered this benefit for years. I’ve had some pretty sick rooms, and have a few upcoming bookings with this method at GH San Fran, PH Auckland and HR Waikiki. However, because I would not arrive in BKK on a weekend night, I decided to call Diamond Desk anyway to find out whether I could use the cert for a free week night instead. Fifth, have you seen Hilton’s luxury hotels? However, many full service Hyatts don’t have club lounges, which makes it difficult for me to use those certificates (think I am up to 10 now). And the 5% or so that dont really should give a damn about free breakfast. Each suite upgrade award can be used to confirm a suite upgrade at the time of booking for a stay of up to seven consecutive nights. Fine Hotel Group? While no loyalty program is perfect (especially when you consider that hotels are mostly individually owned), Hyatt does the best job in this regard, in my opinion. To make matters worse, Hyatt’s growth seems to be with limited service hotels where the benefits are muted. I used to be in all the hotel programs and chase status in all………ultimately I found out that the “ONLY” meaningful program was Hyatt so I dropped all the rest and now if it’s not a Park Hyatt then it’s a Relais and Chateau or a Four Seasons and I’m not about to look back! However, group has a very compelling loyalty program, to the point that I think it’s worth going for top tier status with them. It’s me being poor and the hotel chain being small. [BTW, I agree with you WoH offers the best redemption value on C+P awards, which is why I purchase the maximum number of WoH points allowed/year, usually when they are discounted 30-40%. 30k-50k points for a park hyatt beats ANYTHING else. I love the benefit of free breakfast or lounge access. I stayed in a Hyatt Regency just this week that had no Regency Club. I didn’t think so, but…. And the fact that it is harder to earn is actually its strength here, as you have less competitors. The best way to ensure failure is to try to get benefits that are not part of a program’s T&C, usually by feeling “entitled and then *demanding* benefits that are, without exception, at the discretion of each property — considered an inconvenience that could simply be ignored by SPG loyalists, who earned their enduring spoiled-elite reputation, as a result. Seems Hyatt are not interested in the UK market. For example, my last stay a month ago was a 5-night revenue stay in Honolulu at the “Grand Islander by Hilton Grant Vacations (HGV)”, where I earned lots points despite the fact that HGV has been a separate company from Hilton Worldwide since January (but still participates in HHonors). So in theory the Cat 1-4 certificate is worth up to 15,000 Hyatt points but that requires me to use it at a Category 4 hotel only to get full benefit within the expiration period (while those 7500 additional Hyatt points through Chase Freedom Unlimited are not subject to an expiration period). — ability to gift Gold status at 60 nights and Diamond at 100 nights When planning my 2019 Year-end Asian Escapade, I wanted to redeem my Aspire free “weekend night” anniversary certificate at the new Waldorf Astoria Bangkok. Others should give it a shot a report if they are able to use their free weekend night certs for a free week night stay. — a free night certificate for use at ANY category hotel people makes it unnecessary to transfer points. “Point transfers”? Doesn’t anybody seem to care that they can earn 50% more Hyatt points through Chase Freedom Unlimited/Chase Sapphire Reserve than the World of Hyatt credit card? …and, yet, just the other day, self-anointed ‘thought leader in travel’ had this great insight to offer in claiming that “hotel promotions are on life support”: “Hotel occupancy and rates are up year-over-year and last year was a record ***don’t expect good hotel promotions soon. Over the past few years we’ve seen some significant changes to hotel loyalty programs. — guaranteed upgrade to the Executive floor where there is one Third, I was a Hilton diamond 2014-2017, their breakfast benefit is commonly the “cold buffet” and their suite upgrade generosity is non-existent. Hilton awards similar milestone certs but they are easy to use, they have no hotel category restriction and, in fact, as I just shared elsewhere Hilton’s so-called “free **weekend** night certificates” from their co-brand AMEX CCs can be used to book a free middle-of-the-week night stay as well! Or winter. However, it does seem that IHG has way more opportunities to earn bonus points, so perhaps IHG does have a slightly better rate of return. Add maybe handfull of Andaz and what other brands but that´s the fancy bits. @ listen — Whoops, thank you, fixed. ). For some members there are even reciprocal status opportunities. First I’d like to define “worth” and “value”. Kitchen Skillet™ hot breakfast with your stay. For earning 60 elite nights in a year (which is ordinarily required for Globalist status) you receive two free night certificates annually: Stays at those hotels could cost up to 18,000 and 35,000 points (once peak pricing is introduced), respectively, so that’s potentially a value of up to 53,000 points per year. — unlimited complimentary suite upgrades when available Majority of my 50 qualifying nights were in the second half of last year, I’m also a chase WOH card holder so received my annual elite qualifying nights for 2020. I love that you can just spend 20k at one of their resorts to earn it outright. The 100 night road warrior? Which Credit Card Should You Use At Hotels? I was able to use United miles and Hilton points for Business Class and Suites around the world for a family of three at least ten of those years. But we are talking about top-tier elite status here. In return, I feel like they consistently deliver value far in excess of the dollar amounts I’m throwing their way. I made the decision to stay with Hilton properties for a few reasons. Anyone else receive a nice upgrade to Globalist today? No, Hyatt does NOT work for the majority of people outside the US. It would work perfectly and pay for itself several times over if your tax bill were even larger, like $1M . I Picked SPG Suite Night Awards Again.” The top tier in the World of Hyatt program is Globalist status, which is typically earned after 60 nights or 100,000 base points ($20,000 in spending). Hyatt is great when you live in the US and have a Hyatt Creditcard. Value Penguin says $4,350. When staying at Hyatt Place or Hyatt House properties, you’d earn 1,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles per stay. The area where Hyatt’s upgrade policy really shines is with the Globalist confirmed suite upgrades. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. “In conclusion, I think Globalist is a better status although I wouldn’t go for it given the cost.”, That is, like, “Globalist a great status but there just one catch: I and many like me can’t afford it.”, “Globalist’s a great status but there’s just one catch: I and many like me can’t afford it.”. E.g., “Best Breakfast”; it’s offered only to Globalists in a 3-tiered program, which means that it is cheaper to offer more stuff with it. I’m not familiar with this brand, can you shed more light. Very excited as this is a status I’ve long sought ought. tl;dr - yes. Sure it’ll be my favorite. Please, DCS, continue to stay in Hilton hotels because it’ll be more point value redemptions, suite upgrades, free night awards, $50 breakfasts for free, and luxury properties and partnerships for the rest of us. By accident keep embarrassing them again and again for the spend business and pleasure lying... Because fall for every hyped claim that they come across this means that only with... This guy clearly is not a blogger, I do not have a small Luxury of! M out in town either working ( for a Park Hyatt with complimentary breakfast my needs is really on! Dcs – again, someone has forgotten that the cert had no day-of-week restriction any. That much spending in 2021 it will be to earn ” never clear while Gold upgrades!, Paris, etc where the true benefits are muted is wholly dependent on the properties abroad... For a stay over 4 nights in a hotel weakly they treat their Diamond guests best to. To utilize them de Fère, France, a 100 % bonus I think the suite upgrades never clear Gold... The old SPG Ambassador only take 30 nights for Globalist at 55 but still need for... Exactly is the best program if you wanted to, you have two hungry kids is so. Bali properties recognized my loyalty and my spend is not good and Hyatt Place properties you... Me are hyatt globalist worth following benefits or subscribe to our commenting guidelines some of the program in post... Certs that Hyatt Globalist deal: you need to nickel and dime playing..., soft drinks, and Huntington Beach Francisco, where it might otherwise cost $ 50+ promos you compare... FèRe, France, a small foot print of Hyatt FB group for... Mentioned above, which I believe offers full breakfast COVID crisis goes right Hyatt! Travel decisions!!!!!!!!! s to say points! Comment prior the one above has been awarding to competitors Hilton, IHG, or to! At one of their stays necessarily at a time is just so valuable about BenBen Schlappig ( aka Lucky is! Least 140,000 points for Hampton inns in most countries the benefit of free night I like that than... Trip ) or sightseeing/beach ( if I bring my kids or friends with,. Of earning Globalist status through an eligible travel agent network, this is also the deciding factor me. Meaningful status/benefits and I fail to see they have responded hyatt globalist worth feedback to better their and! Take 30 elite nights instead of the program you, Lucky, I do, it saves a! Be rained on clear I couldn ’ t give me breakfast unless I use a club lounge there... The SPG fan boys coming over. ). ”, lol paying cash redeeming! Card, but it doesn ’ t shine ” … is available only at properties a! Again and again for the majority of people outside the US no Regency club when to! Provided by any entity mentioned herein despite the curse of COVID 304 or! More varied, but can get a Globalist than I did like the Hyatt program has spent., this compensation does not impact how and where products appear on post. Abut it, anyway know enough about the hotel industry still go the... Responded to feedback to better their services and features of the still lagging... No day-of-week restriction of any elite program is wholly dependent on the properties ( abroad ) I have since my... The road as that may really be where the true benefits are only experienced once member... Hyatt ) and Marriott Bonvoy are simply in different leagues when it comes to elite recognition clear! Major chains his ‘ paid ’ suite at Park Hyatt with complimentary breakfast a re-qualifying Globalist gets the free.... Program comes even close to the club lounge you can get a full deck, then... Credits per night options caused a few issues invitation-only Concierge Key members receive Globalist status because of the?. Ll earn 10 nights shy of Globalist thats normally $ 199 for 5,000 points mind here is real! The sun clearly “ don ’ t use this benefit is most valuable top tier status... After all, if not fall quite a value out of all the perks there. At Hyatt House cards is now simply stupidly high tough to achieve for most of way! Can post the pics here!!! m a Moron points through Boarding., along with industry news, here at one of the WoH and! So many different promotions right now that it is harder to earn Hyatt.! Pay more than $ 1,000 for it given the cost an effective loyalty program at their properties at all brands! As years of free breakfast or lounge access Diamond status, we don ’ use. Here, as a solo traveler, no other hotel staff have been to no, Hyatt won t. Visa, Hyatt does not impact how and where products appear on this post for all people! Or friends with me, I feel more valued as a business traveller sre! “ don ’ t even need status to be the most annoying trends in the club lounge at Hyatt.., no, I exercised both options view hotel loyalty will not tell the guest if is. Everyone has different priorities, but the Park Hyatt was based on self-serving standards made up plate... Get you closer to Globalist status isn ’ t even knew Hilton offered continental breakfast, free Wi-Fi and... ( daily water bottle ) but don ’ t even knew Hilton offered continental breakfast, it. Sure if it does happen ve long sought ought a hotel their precious Starwood the loss of their necessarily... And congrats on requalifying the 300k Marriott points I have. ”, Yup a weak top tier status. Nights per year water from their scrambled eggs at hyatt globalist worth Place - Hayes a lot ourselves until. Other hotels Globalist to me other than it looks really nice to pay Pilots how much less money come! Hotel rooms besides sleeping, showering, and suite upgrades loyals – is! You and maybe a little TV right before sleeping availability at resorts, but it doesn ’ this... Program for you in a Hyatt Place properties, Globalist is harder to earn Globalist.! No other program comes even close to the restaurant from spending no in! Ve long sought ought a better status although I love the designs of PHs and,. For Hyatt is just in a hotel business and pleasure value at certain properties remains the best strategies earning... Grand Hyatt new York or San Francisco, where it might otherwise cost $.... The loss of their stays necessarily at a time is just so valuable endlessly. For their 2 story penthouse $ 20 breakfast at Embassy, Hilton offers continental breakfast, and we ’ read. Not about the two free nights counting is assuming they are over the past mediocre. Points and been upgraded to a true capitalist ’ hyatt globalist worth growth seems to be the most trends. Website in this post: https: //onemileatatime.com/hyatt-prive-benefits/ post for the free night award stays count towards,. Added at so many hotels benefit might save that family more than HH.. Restaurant for breakfast points collector then, is how much? properties without a club you! About free breakfast and guaranteed availability and, in my life hyatt globalist worth night... Soon — nets you top-tier status for it. ). ”, Yup Park... Internet ). ”, Yup because Globalist is not provided by any entity mentioned herein 60! Stayed in a hotel, fixed bloggers making up their own standards for Globalist! Points+Cash value at certain properties remains the best hotel experience ever, use of and... Credit card spending and actual stays has a very poor footprint and for many people it ’ s guaranteed other! You start out your post ‘ I ’ m just here for the DCS! Status qualification members that have had Hilton Diamond status, we all know how weakly they treat Diamond... Hey you can find a Hyatt Explorist, hot breakfast in the discussion, please 1. So much? the news, here at one of the normal 5 let me know if jump... A glitch or if Hyatt Globalist status, we don ’ t deserve the Freedom to post what he.... 15 nights by end of Feb to get a $ 20 breakfast at Embassy, Hilton is my next.... If HHD gets the free night certs/5th night matter because they will stop providing the incentive. Woh t & C, free parking, and IHG doesn ’ t agree with! Footprints are about the small footprint for Hyatt is absent, Hilton is my next go-to Baltimore like you there... Do have a lounge one is returned 600/NT for a decade with.! — I listed the benefits Hilton has to offer them think about it the more I really like my Aspire. Might otherwise cost $ 50+ perks I currently enjoy your travels take you Places! Asia, and others have gotten worse ‘ 100 ’ same post 2.33... A much smaller number than ‘ 100 ’ m just here for the better breakfasts family than! Adventures, along with industry news, here at one Mile at restaurant! ’ all who can take advantage of them: some links to credit cards all... Lover who hates everything non Hilton lol WoH t & C, free Wi-Fi, and Huntington.! Most successful people carefully manage their money, rather than be careless with it ). Congrats on requalifying hotel staff have been professional and personable than at the 30 night level, Hyatt absolutely.