Do you have your PSL in hand?! You better because today is the first day of autumn. YAY! Who else is excited? I know I am way too excited and realize this post is screaming basic, but hey, I LOVE FALL. To make sure you’re prepared for my top 8 fall fashion essentials; put on your blanket scarf, grab your PSL, and cozy up to your favorite fall scented candle!

 1. Booties

I live in my booties in the fall time and they can easily pull together an outfit! All three of these booties are on my wish list!

2. Vests

Vests are my go-to for any fall day. Pair them with your favorite riding boots and top and your outfit is complete!

3. Field Jacket

I have the army green field jacket from J.Crew along with every other 17-35 year old females and still love it as much as when I first bought it. I love the industrial look of field jackets and their lightweight feel.

4. Chunky Sweaters

“I like sweaters. I have a sweater obsession, I guess.” – Drake
I couldn’t have said it better myself.

5. Flannels

I LOVE flannels. They are super comfortable and are a quick and easy outfit to throw on. I have always enjoyed wearing flannels and I actually created a Facebook page in high school called (my school’s name) Flannel Fridays. I got 157 likes on it, sooo it was kind of a big deal.

6. Skinny Jeans

Fall time means boots season and boot season means skinny jeans! Have you ever tried wearing boots with wide leg jeans? Don’t. Invest in some skinny jeans that you feel comfortable and confident in because they are super easy to wear with boots and you don’t have to spend 15 minutes trying to tuck your jeans in.

7. Dark Nail Polish

My nails remained white for the past two months and as much as I love looking like I put white out on my nails, it is time to switch things up. I love deep purples and greens for fall time and cannot wait to run to target this week and pick up some fun new fall colors!

8. Wool Hat

I own three wool hats and they are a staple for my fall wardrobe. The best part about wearing a hat is you look stylish and no one knows that you are covering up your hair you haven’t washed for four days, brilliant!

What are your fall essentials?!

Stay Lovely,

Hannah Shanae



I agree with every single one of these! Have something in each category and love it!


You have hit every nail on the head with each of these fall essentials! Every single one of these is in my usual fall wardrobe and I love them all!
CS Gems


I love all of this!! Such great picks!! <3
Amanda |


Yes to the #PSL! And great fall roundup! I am dying to do the dark polish, but think I need to do a professional shellac so that it doesnt chip 2 minutes after applying! haha…
xx, Karen
Glam Karen


I agree with every one of these pieces… I currently have multiples of all of them, I’m beyond ready for cooler weather!



These are definitely the fall essentials! I’ve been dying for that J.Crew jacket for a while, I need to just go buy it 🙂


Yes to these! I still can’t do vests too much, they seem so pointless to me because I’m cold natured and I don’t understand the whole no sleeves in the cold part. I need to be evenly warmed lol!


You are making me want to go shopping so so SO bad!!!



So many gorgeous picks! I’m loving plaids & felt hats lately…if only it would cool off here!

Molly | Hey There Sunshine


Love all of the essentials you listed! I would have to agree with every single one of them! If only it would cool down where I live!


I definitely agree! Now I’m just waiting on the weather to cool down!

Amanda ||


Ive been stocking up on chunky knits big time this fall! Now I just need the weather to change so I can wear them 🙂



YAY fall!! I’m really digging that nail color — love!!

xo, Christina

Fashion & Frills


Love the sweaters most of all from this selection.

It’s starting to cool of here in Oklahoma. I need a new sweater or two and some nail polish.


You have nailed it with the top fall trends, love them all and will be wearing a lot of each of these!

Brooke | KBStyled


Ok I need everything on this list! Those boots and that hat are every-thing <3 love it all!

xo Ivette

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