Planning a wedding is stressful. If you came here to read this, you’re most likely in the planning stages, soon to be in the planning stages or you’ve already been through your own personal “torture” of wedding planning. While it would be so nice to say it’s not stressful to plan a wedding, that wasn’t the case for me. I know I can’t be the only one who gets stressed easily, so I wrote four ways to make wedding planning less stressful (at least four things that helped me). Take a deep breath and relax. Everything will work out, promise!


Let People Help You

I am a control freak and like things done exactly how they play out in my mind. That being said, it is really hard for me to trust people to make my dreams a reality when I keep all my ideas in my head. I had so many people ask me daily if there were ways they could help and while honestly a lot of the times what I needed done required me being there or making decisions, it was really nice to know people want to help. Let people help you even if it is small tasks!

Make a list of tasks that don’t have an approaching deadline that people can help you with. Here’s a few suggestions of tasks you can hand off to friends and family!

  • Dropping off save the dates/invites at the post office
  • Scheduling appointments with vendors
  • Filling your invitation envelopes
  • Filling favor bags or assembling your wedding favors
  • Checking all your grammar on invites, save the dates, wedding programs and other important docs
  • Putting stamps on envelopes

Another way people can help you is by them offering to spend quality time with you. It allows you to take your mind off of wedding planning and enjoy relaxing for an hour or so.

  • Say yes when people offer to take you out for lunch
  • Go to a workout class with your friend
  • Say yes when your mom asks you to go on a bike ride (I wish I did this more!)
  • Watch your nieces or nephews for an hour 


Set Aside a Beauty Budget

This tip was a huuuuge help for me and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone getting married. Book a spa appointment once a month leading up until your big day. I got a chemical peel/facial and massage every month leading up to my wedding day. Both of these helped immensely with my stress levels and it made my face clearer than it has been my whole life. It’s a win win situation.

If a facial and massage are not within your budget, then I would suggest you spend one night a week taking a relaxing hot bath and clearing your skin with a face mask. Maybe even take 10 extra minutes to paint your nails. I know I always feel so much more productive when my nails look great! These are just a few simple things you can do to improve your stress levels and stay in budget.


Read Your Bible And Talk About Your Stress

My season of engagement grew me so much closer to the Lord. There were so many times where I was so anxious throughout my engagement and the only way to get through those moments were relying on the Lord.

Spend time reading His word daily and praying when you feel like you can’t handle anymore wedding planning. There were quite a few times I told my fiancé we should just elope to forgo all the complicated wedding planning, but that was just me trying to find an easy way out.

If you’re stressed and keep that stress and anxiousness within you and don’t talk about it with others, then it can start to make you go insane. When you tell everyone you’re fine and you are 100% not fine, you take away the chance for people to pray for you and help you through the stress. I’m not a big person to talk about my feelings, but during my engagement for some reason I was so much more emotional and couldn’t hide my stress. It was so helpful to talk about it for five minutes with my fiancé, girls in my small group and best friends. Let it out in the open and then move on.


Take Care Of Your Body

Eat healthy and exercise regularly. DO IT. When you fuel your body with junk, you feel like junk and when you add stress to the mix, it’s not a pretty sight. When stress attacks your body, it can cause a lot of symptoms like insomnia, stomach pains, high blood pressure, tense muscles and lots more. Fueling your body with proper nutrients and allowing it to burn off the stress through exercise will help boost your mood and overall well-being. Get your blood flowing and endorphins pumping. You’ll start to feel better and less stressed than before!

I hope these four tips are helpful to you and beneficial to your wedding planning process! Just remember to smile, breathe and shake it off when situations don’t go according to plan. I mean at the end of the day, YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Stay Lovely,

Hannah Shanae



These are such great tips. I remember planning my wedding was so stressful! These are great tips for reducing stress.



I wish I would’ve read this before we got married! I’m going to share this with some of my friends who are engaged!


there is so much I wish I knew before I got married and during the engagement process! Thanks for sharing with your friends!


Love these tips – so helpful!


thank you! they made the planning process so much smoother!


Such great tips! I’m in the process of planning myself, and our October wedding is sneaking up quickly! I feel like theres still so much left to do! Definitely setting aside a beauty budget and booking myself a massage this month!

xx Mollie


the planning process goes by so quick so remember to enjoy it even the bumpy parts! book that massage, girl!


I could not agree with these tips more! Especially the letting other people help you. That is a must!

xo Laura Leigh
Louella Reese


yes! even when people would try to help, I would try and control the situation, but it was sooo helpful to just let them take over.


These are great tips! Wedding planning is seriously so stressful. It makes a girl want to elope!


These are truly amazing tips! Especially the letting people help you part, it’s crazy the little details that can go into the wedding planning. I remember when my MOH wanted to take me out to lunch, I said yes because it was just nice!


So many great tips!! I absolutely hated planning my first wedding because I had to be in control! Second wedding was a breeze! Because we eloped! ha! 😉


eloping sounds A LOT easier!! haha


You have no idea how badly I needed to read this post today! I’m in the midst of the intensity of wedding planning – with only three months to go, and I feel like a chicken with its head cut off! Life has been nuts. Thanks for the reminders of what’s really important and the tips for how to handle the stress!


Such helpful advice!! Planning a wedding can be so stressful!

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