In April Cameron and I made a quick trip down to San Antonio. We were there for a little under 36 hours and did our best to explore as much of the city as we could. I had a bunch of you message me on my Instagram and ask for San Antonio recommendations, so I’m going to share everything with you here!


hotel gibbs

I looked at a bunch of hotels and airbnbs before booking with Hotel Gibbs. We wanted to find a place that was close to the riverwalk and Alamo, but that also didn’t break the bank. We loved the location of Hotel Gibbs and were overall pleased with our stay. Check-in went smoothly and the hotel staff was super helpful and accommodating. The rooms themselves could’ve been a bit cleaner, but the location of the hotel made up for any complaints I had.

I actually booked our hotel through airbnb and it ended up being about $45 cheaper than booking through their hotels website. I also found out while we were there that a lot of hotels around the Alamo are considered “haunted”, so if that kind of stuff freaks you out, then I would maybe find another area to stay.

san antonio hotel gibbs


riverwalk cruise

after getting coffee in the morning, we headed to the riverwalk to take a cruise. We ordered the tickets online and were surprised with how fairly cheap they were. I also really like how we didn’t have to choose a designated time for the cruise. We were able to show up at anytime we wanted and show our tickets to get on the boat. We decided to go earlier in the morning because the weather felt really nice and we figured the boats would be less crowded. We had such a fun time during our cruise and learned a lot of history behind San Antonio and the riverwalk. I highly suggest going on a riverwalk cruise if you visit!

riverwalk cruise san antonio

The Alamo

Our hotel was a 30 second walk to the Alamo, so we stopped here several times during our stay. There is so much history to be learned and appreciated when visiting the Alamo. It was such a neat experience and I was so thankful we were able to spend time there.

the pearl

I had so many people tell me to visit The Pearl while in San Antonio. It was probably my favorite part of our trip and sadly we were only able to spend 35 minutes here. We had to change our flight up 8 hours because of weather delays which cut out a big chunk of time from our trip. We both wish we had more time to hang out at The Pearl, but it is definitely at the top of our list next time we visit!

the pearl san antonio


señor veggie

I love finding plant-based/gluten-free restaurants when traveling and was so excited when I found Señor Veggie on Yelp. I ate here for lunch and ordered the queso and spinach dip and their jackfruit tacos. I’ve had plain jackfruit before, but have always wanted to try it incorporated into a cooked dish. I was really pleased with the overall meal and highly suggest coming here if you have food allergies/or are vegan!

senor veggie san antonio

senor veggie san antonio


I was craving Italian food and Paesanos looked to be the only restaurant I could find that had gluten free pasta, so we tried it out! I loved the location of the restaurant because it is right in the heart of the riverwalk. We decided to sit outside which was super romantic and beautiful, but what we didn’t expect was all the birds and ducks trying to join us for dinner. Just be warned, it is super pretty to sit along the riverwalk, but you will be stared down by ducks and birds desperately wanting some of the food on your plate.


revolucion coffee

I was so excited when I realized this coffee shop was just a block away from our hotel. I ordered an iced honey latte and it was really good!

revolucion coffee


We didn’t have the best service experience here, so we only got drinks from their happy hour menu. Even though it wasn’t the best experience, the inside of the restaurant is super cute and I would’ve loved to make a reservation for dinner if we had another night.

ocho san antonio

Have you been to San Antonio? Let me know your favorite things to do in this city in the comments down below!

Stay Lovely,

Hannah Shanae

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